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Space Popular

FREESTYLE: Virtual Curator Tour for RIBA Gulf Members

Through a mesmerizing virtual reality experience, this new commission by multidisciplinary design studio Space Popular raises one of the most enduring concerns of architecture: the rise and fall of architectural styles. This VR session is open to the Gulf audience for the first time.

The RIBA presents its first virtual reality (VR) exhibition, exploring key moments in the evolution of architectural styles over the last 500 years. RIBA has commissioned architectural designers Space Popular to create an online virtual version of the RIBA’s FREESTYLE exhibition that is physically present at RIBA Headquarters at 66 Portland Place, London.

Open to the Gulf audience for the first time, this session, hosted in a social VR platform, will allow participants to access and engage with the exhibition remotely as if they are physically present at the exhibit. Users will be guided through a curated tour followed by an open session where users will be able to walk around the exhibit to engage with the model and learn about the artwork present in their own time.

The event is open to RIBA Members only and has a limited capacity of 10 users. Participants will be registered on a first come, first served basis.

Cancellations must be emailed to at least 48 hours before the event as the event has limited capacity. If you cannot attend after signing up please let us know so that we can release your ticket to someone else.

Space Popular

Space Popular is a multidisciplinary design and research practice led by Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg. Space Popular makes architecture, products, furniture graphics, interfaces and research. 

Drawing on RIBA’s world-class collections, Space Popular uses virtual reality to examine styles of the past and to consider the technology’s impact on contemporary spaces and buildings. Historic artifacts will be displayed alongside newly commissioned content, inviting you to enter a beguiling virtual universe to experience how popular cultures and technologies impact architecture and its style evolution.

FREESTYLE has been supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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